Gavel lying in front of a judgeIf you’re on the lookout for a Santa Rosa defense attorney, give the Walter Rubenstein Criminal Defense Law Firm a chance. We offer free consultations twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and strive to provide quality customer service in your time of need, whether you speak English or Spanish. We are among the most sought-after law firms in Sonoma County and are fully devoted to finding justice. The law firm of Walter Rubenstein also comes equipped with over 30 years of experience and an impressive resume of past cases, which can be found and accessed by anyone on our website.

Do You Need a Murder Defense Attorney?

Murder is one of the most serious charges a person can face. It is crucial to find the right murder criminal attorney for you, one that will look at all the facts and do everything in their lawful power to help you. Walter Rubenstein is a passionate and dedicated murder defense attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights at any stage in the process. It’s crucial for you to have someone who will make sure you are in complete understanding of the charges and the possible implications of such, as well as someone who will tell you what the best course of action is to make sure your rights are respected. Walter will listen to the facts as well as keep the specific needs of the client in mind. Every case is unique, and your personality, temperament, and desires will be taken into account while the best course of action is decided.

Let your search for a Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney end today. Cases range from probation violations, drug possession, gang-related offenses to homicide and murder, and Walter Rubenstein is the criminal attorney you’ll need on your side. Call and schedule your free consultation with the Walter Rubenstein Criminal Defense Law Firm now!

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