Out of State Defendant for Sonoma CountyIf you are an out of state defendant for Sonoma County, you need the Walter Rubenstein Criminal Defense Law Firm. Being charged with a crime is a hugely serious and stressful time, no matter the circumstance, but there’s added complexity when you don’t live in the state in which you’re being tried. You may need to appear in court physically in the state in which the crime is being prosecuted. If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor, it’s possible for a local attorney to represent you in court without your presence. The attorney would communicate with you beforehand and then attend any court dates without you there. In a felony case, however, the defendant will typically have to appear at hearings himself. However, even in felony cases, at the discretion of the presiding judge, it is possible for felony defendants’ cases to be handled without the clients being at hearings. A local lawyer would represent the defendant in court, and any fines or punishment would still be the responsibility of the defendant. This is one of many reasons it’s imperative that if you’re an out of state defendant in Santa Rosa, you hire a knowledgeable local attorney to represent you.

Walter Rubenstein has been practicing criminal law in the Bay Area for 30 years. His experience and deep understanding of the local legal system will be a vital asset to you when you find yourself in need of an attorney as an out of state defendant for Sonoma County. Free consultations are available 24/7, so reach out now to find out how we can help you. No matter what type of criminal defense you need (domestic violence, assault and battery, sex offenses, fraud, embezzlement, gang related, white collar, homicide, drug, DUI), our firm can handle it.

Don’t let uncertainty get the best of you if you’re an out of state defendant in Santa Rosa. Contact a competent local attorney so your legal issues don’t spiral out of control. The time to get a handle on your situation is now. One thing you can’t do is ignore the issue. It might seem tempting to put the court case out of mind, because you’re in another state, far from the site of the legal issues, but if you don’t appear for scheduled court dates, a judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. Even in your home state, if you so much as get pulled over for having a broken taillight, any contact with a police officer will lead to your arrest. You need a local attorney, in the jurisdiction where the crime is being prosecuted. Choose Walter Rubenstein, because he’s been helping defendants in your exact position get the best possible outcomes for years. View the Fees page on our site to get a clear, simple layout of what fees will be charged when you hire our firm. Payment plans, which generally require a 2/3 down payment, are available. Don’t wait, contact us today.