Murder Attorney Santa RosaIf you find yourself facing charges for murder, the murder attorney Santa Rosa defendants have confidence in is Walter Rubenstein. Walter has practiced and defended the rights of numerous clients in the Bay Area for the past 30 years. Through experience and dedication to upholding justice, the Walter Rubenstein Criminal Defense Law Firm has become one of Sonoma County’s most sought-after firms when looking for a murder defense attorney.

Aside from treason, being accused of a crime involving premeditated murder makes up the majority of the 41 Capital Offenses. As one of the most serious charges a person can face, it is essential that you retain experienced legal council, a murder defense attorney, immediately. Unless your monetary situation requires you to utilize a court appointed attorney, the best investment you can make in this predicament is to hire a lawyer. Murder is separated into 4 different categories: 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, Voluntary Manslaughter, and Involuntary Manslaughter. Each category is very complex and best understood by a murder attorney. Santa Rosa defendants rely on our firm to help them understand their exact charge and to make sure that their rights are respected. Retaining a lawyer for your case is essential to making sure you understand what exactly it is you are charged with and to get advice on the best course of action to make sure that your rights are respected.

For the most thorough murder attorney in Santa Rosa, come to Walter Rubenstein. We handle many cases ranging from domestic violence, fraud, DUI, assault and battery, gangs, drug possession and more. We offer free legal consultations for all of our prospective clients, please feel free to give our office a call to schedule a consultation or to have us answer any questions you may have.

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