Most misdemeanors range from $1200 to $1800 not including trial.


Most felonies range from $1800 to $5000 though serious felonies will range above $5000. These fees do not include trial. Fees are assessed based on the complexity and particular needs of the case. Serious cases generally require that a team of experts be assembled to provide the best possible defense thus resulting in higher fees.


Trials, if appropriate, require financial resources for legal support that may be necessary for an effective defense. Such support may entail court motions, specialized experts and investigators.

Payment Plans:

Payment plans are available and generally require a 2/3 down payment with a clear schedule outlined for remaining payments.

Flat Fees:

Fees are considered flat or total fees that cover everything required for the case except for trial. Typical things required for each case and thus covered by the fee include: court appearances, office and phone conferences with the attorney, interviews with witnesses and negotiations with the district attorney. For felonies this fee covers all work up to and including the preliminary hearing.

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