DUI Attorney Sonoma CountyYour driving under the influence charge needs representation from an experienced DUI attorney in Sonoma County, and that attorney is Walter Rubenstein. As a DUI lawyer, Mr. Rubenstein will listen to the details and facts about your case and use years of negotiating to resolve your case quickly. Often able to avoid trial, he has provided the representation for charges ranging from serious felonies to common misdemeanors. A great listener with a keen attention to detail, Mr. Rubenstein provides a level of service to his clients that is unmatched.

With 30 years of experience, Walter Rubenstein is a criminal defense attorney with a long list of satisfied clients and successful cases. Having charges placed against you, be it for a drunk driving charge or a theft offense, can often be a stressful time. A calm, knowledgeable DUI lawyer will help ease the worry and soften the emotional pain of the situation. Finding a DUI attorney for representation quickly is the best way to speed up the process and get out of the Sonoma County courts with your freedom intact.

Utilizing his respected relationships in the industry and well-practiced negotiation skills, he will be the DUI attorney you want on your side to represent you against your charges. Sonoma County residents has long trusted him to protect their rights and freedom. Contact our office today for a personalized consultation and resolve your case faster. Mr. Rubenstein will provide excellent criminal defense service in preparation for your case, lining up important details and making sure all your bases are covered.

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