Drug Possession Lawyers Santa RosaFor drug procession lawyers Santa Rosa defendants rely on, they contact the Walter Rubenstein Criminal Defense Firm. Our firm has had extensive experience with various drug possession charges ranging from simple misdemeanor charges to complex cases.

When hiring drug possession attorneys, you should always look for one that has had successful experience representing cases similar to your own. Although no two cases are the same, finding confident drug possession lawyers in Santa Rosa with a reputation for successfully upholding the your rights should be a priority. While no lawyer or law firm can guarantee that you will win the case, having drug possession attorneys on your side who understand the nuances of the law and the charges you are faced with can often lead to a shorter sentencing period. An example being, if you are faced with 12-months in prison, experienced lawyers could negotiate a 6-month sentence in jail with 6-months of a preventive program, such as a rehab facility to help ensure that you stay out of the criminal justice system.

Walter Rubenstein has upheld justice in the Bay Area for the past 30-years. The dedication, persistence, and ability to negotiate he has shown through his practice made him one of the most sought after drug procession lawyers in Santa Rosa. If you have any questions regarding fees, practice areas, or if you would like to inquire further regarding a potential case, please feel free to contact us. We handle many cases ranging from domestic violence, fraud, DUI, assault and battery, gangs, murder and more.Our office can schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Let us help you defend your right to a fair trial.

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