Walter-RubensteinWalter Rubenstein is a defense attorney who has practiced criminal law in the Bay Area for 25 years. His extensive experience with trials and negotiations has earned him the respect of his peers and contributed to his reputation as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Sonoma County. More important, his dedication, commitment, persistence and ability to listen and communicate effectively have earned him the respect of his clients. Walter is also a Sonoma County Bar Association Board Member, Criminal Law Section.

Our Philosophy
It is critical to choose an attorney who will vigorously protect your rights and who will honestly assess your case to determine the best possible resolution. Walter not only listens to the facts of the case but also takes into account the specific needs of each client. Your situation is unique and your personality, temperament, and desires are taken into account when determining the best course of action.
Thorough preparation is vital to a successful criminal defense and we prepare each case as if it will go to trial. Being fully prepared early in the process strengthens our position in negotiations and often leads to a proper disposition of the case without going to trial. In those times when a trial is necessary, Mr. Rubenstein relies on a network of professionals that includes investigators, expert witnesses, and legal research specialists to establish a defense team specifically tailored to your case to mount the most vigorous and aggressive defense possible.

Quote from Mr. Rubenstein
I feel truly fortunate for what I do . . . I’m able to help people get through a difficult time . . . when necessary I get to fight for my client at trial. I embrace the opportunity to go to trial. I don’t walk away from that fight.

J.D., Empire College of the Law, Santa Rosa, CA
PhD, Philosophy, New York University, New York, NY
B.A, Philosophy, Queens College, New York, NY




  • Extensive experience in human services
  • Ability to interact with diverse groups of people
  • Bilingual and bicultural (Spanish/English)
  • Organized worker committed to problem resolution



Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature and Culture,
Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA.  1995.

Certificate of Completion in Legal Court Interpretation (Spanish/English),
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.  2001.

Certificate of Completion in Advanced Court Interpreting,
Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, CA. 2002



Qualified Court Interpreter,
Sonoma County Hall of Justice, Santa Rosa, CA.
2000 – 2012.

  • Interpret testimony, instructions, and conversations for Spanish-speaking plaintiffs and defendants in County, Family and Juvenile Courts
  • Interpret in conferences between client and attorney prior to court hearings
  • Advise Spanish-speaking parties in court hearings of their rights
  • Provide sight and written translation of legal documents
  • Perform  jail interviews supervised by defense attorneys

Legal Assistant,
Law Office of Walter Rubenstein, Santa Rosa, CA.
2005 – Present.

  • Meet and interview Spanish-speaking clientele for intake procedure
  • Inform Spanish-speaking clients of their rights under the supervision of attorney
  • Complete written translations for legal documents
  • Draft correspondence and other documents, such as statements that may be used as evidence in court
  • Skilled in meeting deadlines and preparing legal documents
  • Proficient in Word and Outlook/Competent in Excel

Qualified Court Interpreter,
Napa County Hall of Justice, Napa, CA.
2002 – 2004.

  • Provided similar duties as at Sonoma County Hall of Justice

Medical Assistant
Planned Parenthood, Rohnert Park, CA.
1995 – 1999.

  • Assisted doctors and nurses in performing intakes, patient’s vital signs, and minor medical procedures
  • Functioned as HIV Counselor through Sutter Hospital
  • Acted as Teen Counselor in Teen Clinic
  • Possess certification and expertise as a Phlebotomist



Courtney Tanner

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent Customer Service skills and ability to interface and communicate clearly with clients.
  • Strong oral and written communications skills.
  • Punctual, reliable, hardworking, organized, and detail oriented.
  • Strong work ethic with ability to work independently as well as on a team to accomplish goals.
  • Comfortable in dynamic and fast-paced environments, able to adapt quickly to challenges.

Work Experience

Legal Secretary,
Law Office of Walter Rubenstein, Santa Rosa, CA.

  • Provide lawyer with direct assistance, including helping with research for cases, gathering necessary documents for trials and submitting paperwork to courthouses.
  • Frequently responsible for drafting routine correspondence and file memos as well as proofreading legal documents such as pleadings, briefs, discovery and transactional documents.
  • Maintain paper and electronic files, manage projects, track multiple deadlines, maintain calendars, schedule meetings, organize events and keep everything orderly and accessible.
  • Mail, fax, or arrange for delivery of legal correspondence to clients and court officials.

Shift Supervisor

CVS Pharmacy, Santa Rosa CA

  • Provide customer service by greeting and assisting customers, and responding to customer inquiries and complaints.
  • Assign employees to specific duties and check-in with employees regarding progress and completion of duties.
  • Conduct inventory of stock and reorder merchandise when inventory drops to a specified level.
  •  Count money in cash drawers at beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change.
  • Balance cash registers at the end of shift to ensure money is accounted for, also make store deposits.


  • Santa Rosa Junior College 2012 – Present                                                                                             

              Currently enrolled

              Paralegal Studies – Completion of:

Introduction to law – Legal Research and Writing – Legal Professions

Pleadings – Discovery – Legal Ethics